“The biggest challenge and opportunity in Crypto is embracing Healthcare… I would invest in attending Crypto Health Summit again and again.” – Karim Babay, HealthSapiens, CHS LA 2018

NEW YORK   03/19 – 03/21, 2019

" The biggest challenge and opportunity in Crypto is embracing Healthcare... CHS's content was useful, informative, meaningful, and impactful. There was a diverse group of speakers and panelists. I got to know people on an intimate setting. I would invest in attending Crypto Health Summit again and again. "
Karim Babay (CHS LA Keynote Speaker)
CEO, HealthSapiens; CIO, Intrinsic Value Investment Partners

Why Crypto Health?

With most of the blockchain innovation in finance & fintech, many have overlooked blockchain technology’s potential to disrupt other multi-trillion dollar markets. 

Markets like Healthcare.

Global healthcare spend is expected to reach $8.7 trillion USD by 2020, according to Deloitte. 

How and where is that going to happen?

Through tokenization, many crypto health enterprises have been on track to exponentially increase information security, operation efficiency, privacy control, brand reputation, customer’s trust, revenue, and global economy.

" I made great networking connections and had business meetings with potential partners. (CHS's platform) helps us grow the company by getting us the exposure we need and spreading the word about what we are doing. I will come back and participate in future (CHS) events. "
Amber Hartley (CHS LA Panelist)
Chief Corporate Development Officer, BurstIQ

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Crypto Health Entrepreneurs

Join the community of your peers and spark ideas & partnership potentials.

Healthcare Professionals

Share problems and find solutions with your peers and blockchain experts.

Academics, Researchers

Access first-hand information on crypto health and network with thought leaders.

Crypto Health Investors, VC's

Gain valuable insights on the trend of crypto health and scout better deals.

C-Suite Executives

Network. Expand your business relationships and build partnerships.

Blockchain Developers

Learn about crypto health. Show your talent and find more ideal projects.


expand your network.

Build business relationships.

join a
community of your peers.


We pride ourselves in curating excellent industry-specific content.

Through market analysis and audience feedback, we sorted the 10 main topics that will bring valuable insights to healthcare professionals and blockchain experts.

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​How will healthcare be impacted by the tokenization of everything?

What will the future of healthcare innovation and markets look like with tokens?

How will crypto health help reduce pharmaceutical counterfeiting?

How will crypto health empower healthcare suppliers to provide a better, higher quality product, faster, and with less risk?

How can crypto health and blockchain reduce the supply side costs of healthcare delivery?

What are the implications for these cost savings’ features?

How will decentralized ledgers impact professional research?

What are the implications for clinical trials?​

Will blockchain and crypto health help solve healthcare interoperability?

What are the top challenges to interoperability?

How can crypto health and blockchain increase data security?

How will these trends impact the value chain of healthcare?

How does crypto health and blockchain impact electronic health record privacy?

What about HIPAA and GDPR? Can crypto health help?

Will patients benefit from crypto health and blockchain?

How will consumer preferences dictate waves of adoption?

What is it like to build a crypto health company?

What are some of the big opportunities in the crypto health category?

How do you expect the tokenization of healthcare to impact markets?

What are some exciting trends worth discussing?

" The event was fantastic. The content was diverse. The audience was engaged. (CHS's) efforts in publishing and finding thought leaders in the space is going to benefit the entire (crypto health) industry. There is no doubt I will make investment in travel and expense to be at CHS again."
Frank Hone (CHS LA Attendee)
Head of Marketing, Healthereum; Product Manager, Veradigm